Set Of 30 Animal Themed Novelty Baby Milestone Cards


Product Description

Set Of 30 Animal Themed Novelty Baby Milestone Cards


These wonderful milestone cards have been designed in the UK by milestone gift company 'Babynow'. The pack contains 30 fun animal themed "look at me now" cards that are designed to record your baby's fascinating development throughout their early life.

These are cards are unlike any other milestone cards as they are double sided. On the reverse of each card there are spaces to fill out information relating to that milestone event, including, when it happened, where baby was, how old baby was, who was with baby, and also a comment section where you can add any other fun information that may have happened that day. 

The cards form a diary of your baby's first year that you can hold onto for years to come. Simply take a picture of your baby with the card, fill out the reverse of the card, and keep it forever. 

Cards include development milestones such as; I have my first tooth now...I can smile now...I can walk now...I can sit up now...I can laugh now...I can talk now and many more...

There are also 15 age milestone's from 1 week old through to the first year birthday.

All the cards are designed to be light hearted and fun, and feature lots of our favourite animals. The cards come together with a gift box that features an area to write your baby's name on the box lid.

These cards truly are a great way to signify those important early developments and to record them to keep forever. Imagine looking back at them when your little one is not so little?